Monthly Archives: October 2018

Need for science promotes interest in science

Children are scientists who constantly discover and absorb new things. Parents can help their children by providing them with the scientific tools they need to better understand what they see in the world. Science tries to explain what you see. Parental involvement in everything, whether sports, school supplies or hobbies, is the real key to […]

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Advantages of an electric car

In view of rising fuel prices and an unpredictable end, it only makes sense to look for alternatives. Face it, you have to travel for work, school or shopping, and without a car these tasks are almost impossible. Not all municipalities and areas offer public transport, so what do you do? Converting your car or […]

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Relevant Children Geosciences

The study of earth sciences is one of the most practical science studies ever. Because it examines the Earth, its properties, and anything that can affect it, it examines things that we can more or less see or hear from other people’s experiences. Primary school is about discussing how the Earth rotates in the solar […]

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