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FOR RELEASE  October 10, 2003

Completely New Device for Launching RC Sailplanes
New “Grasshopper” winch uses novel spring energy system
to fill the gap between hi-starts and electric winches

Midland Park, NJ – announced today the release of the Grasshopper winch, a unique new way to launch model sailplanes. The Grasshopper winch uses a unique spring based energy system to launch HLG and 2m sailplanes with linear pull throughout the entire launch. Unlike hi-starts, there is no rubber to get damaged from UV. The Grasshopper winch delivers constant linear torque for less stress on planes and higher launches than a hi-start. The winch outputs over 1000 foot pounds of energy. Tension is adjustable from 3 to 16 lbs. At a carrying weight of 13 pounds the Grasshopper winch is far more portable than electric winches which typically weigh about 75 lbs. The Grasshopper Winch is available immediately from at an introductory price of $249.95.

The Grasshopper winch delivers its highest launches for HLG and light 2 Meter planes. The winch is supplied with 250 yards of towline. Benefits of the new launch method include:

  • Higher launches than a hi-start, making it easier to reach thermals
  • Allows use in smaller fields
  • Adjustable tension
  • Adjustable tow distance
  • No rubber to get damaged by UV
  • No energy loss lifting rubber
  • Steady (linear) pull means less energy wasted and less stress on plane
  • One device can be used for varying plane sizes
  • Quick Setup
  • Easier than an electric winch - No cumbersome turn-around pulley or foot pedal coordination
  • No sudden over-stressing on plane
  • Easy to transport
  • No battery to charge
  • No dead batteries to interrupt the day
  • Reliable steel spring lasts for years
  • Easy assembly with basic tools – parts bolt or snap together

The Grasshopper winch is available now for $249.99 from or TEL: 201-447-9120 FAX: 201-447-6921, or eMachineShop, 666 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432.

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