The Cheapest Mattress Is The best

The average human is obviously a rested person. In any case, he spends about a third of his life sleeping – more than 24 years in total. Nearly a quarter of a century of sleep, the underlay should fit the bill.

To help decide which model is best suited for this, Stiftung Warentest has published its latest findings on mattresses. With two results, firstly: The one model for the average German does not exist.

The standards for the assessment are much too individual. Back sleeper or side sleeper, figure, latex or foam: the number of criteria is similar to the mass of suppliers on the market. And secondly: The cheapest mattress wins the test.

The Novitesse Memolux 90 from Aldi Nord scores 2.2 and is a good compromise solution for back and side sleepers, according to the product testers.

The viscose foam material has the advantage that it adapts to the body shape of the sleeper. Unusual for this type of mattress is above all the price with which Aldi is throwing Novitesse onto the market: at 100 euros, the model was on the shelves for a short time as a special offer and, according to the supplier, is to return to the stores from 22 February as the test winner with a 130-euro price tag.

The L4 latex mattress from Selecta scored similarly well (2.3). With its 600 Euros it is in a completely different category than the winner from Aldi.

Nevertheless, the test persons slept well both on the back and the side. Especially people who cannot be warm enough at night should be happy about the latex mattress, which generally provides good thermal insulation.

Just like in the last test from summer 2017, a very expensive model also comes off worst this time. The Valora Classic, with its proud 850 Euros, achieved only a 3.4 in the test result.

Body type decides which mattress is right
If you want to be on the safe side when buying mattresses, you should first take a look at the different body types used by Stiftung Warentest to assess mattresses.

The HEIA model, consisting of the large and compact H-type, the large and slim E-type, the small and slim I-type and the small and hip-strong A-type, is intended to recommend the right mattress for the respective body.

If you think your physique is in two of the HEIA types, test director Hans-Peter Brix recommends a model on which both body types can sleep well.

According to the test results, it could also be an advantage sleep close to the window. 13 of the tested mattresses smelled unpleasantly of solvent at first.

Although this is not harmful to health, it is still annoying for a place where you spend so much time. To learn more about mattress and sleep look at this now and decide the mattress you want to buy. 

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