The Dreaming Mind & The Virtual Reality

As spiritual warriors we identify that the feature of the human mind is to desire. A lot of us associate dreaming with the activity we participate in during the night and also consider ourselves awake during the day. Nevertheless, this is much from the reality for spiritual warriors! To be awake for us suggests that we are seeing directly with our spiritual eyes, instead of lining up with the virtual reality that arises from light communicating with the human brain.

We are beings of understanding continuously obtaining information concerning our environments from our five senses. When we obtain light waves from our eyes and ears, our brain analyzes that info and develops a 3-D virtual reality for us to interact with.

As an example, have you ever before put on those awesome looking headsets that permit you to eliminate and also engage in imaginary computer system worlds? They are making use of the very same procedure as your own mind does as you are taking action in a world that is a projected virtual reality.

As people, we can not regard the outdoors of energy straight since our bodies are not with the ability of that function. Our mind has to analyze power or light for us and produce a world of shades as well as shapes for us to engage in. Learn more insights and visit website via the link.

We rarely take the time to appreciate this procedure and therefore make the assumption that what we see is actual. Yet this could not be better from the fact. All we do is engage with a digital realty all day; we never ever really see the globe as it is. Our spiritual eyes are capable of this task, not our human eyes. This is why spiritual warriors say we are fantasizing all the time – night and day – as the virtual reality is simply a dream.

For us to wake up means we must remove from this desire – virtual reality and discover to see straight with our spiritual eyes. Otherwise, we undergo the interpretation of our truth according to the machine and all its inherent restrictions.

Not just is our assumption restricted by the mind – however the mind better restricts us with its database of beliefs and concepts that we utilize to translate and filter our virtual reality through. This makes what we see and also hear also further from the truth.

In the long run, we are only seeing from the point of view of the mind, its suggestions, principles, as well as judgments. Therefore, we are not free; we are prisoners of the virtual reality up until we identify it of what it is. Currently I am not claiming this is bad, it is just exactly how we were made to operate. Yet to live our lives only seeing through the machine is denying ourselves among the greatest gifts that Spirit has actually given us.

Carl Jung as soon as stated: Your vision will come to be clear just when you explore your heart – Who looks outside, desires. That looks within, awakens. I encourage you challenge your outright belief in your fantasizing and also find out to arise your spiritual or internal eyes. If you do, the incentive will be terrific as you will experience the magic of a life without constraints (remember Neo in The Matrix?).

As constantly, I wish you the best on your path.

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